Staff-eye is an international supplier of integrated and interindustry engineering and IT services in three European countries.

Our IT department develops software products for the industry with headquarter in Chemnitz and R&D laboratories in Eastern Europe with highly qualified IT engineers. You ask us to create a software application and take responsibility for the entire lifecycle of it. We support and guide you and your team throughout all phases of the project. From the very beginning, our focus is on concept development, the specification of the project and design up to development and testing.

WEB DEVELOPMENT Since our foundation, we specialized in the development of customized software solutions for companies and startups. Our main focus is the creation of enterprise applications, web applications including eCommerce solutions, mobile applications and business intelligence solutions. Our services include web-applications, web-services, iOS/Android applications, Database administration, CRM systems.

VR&AR DEVELOPMENT VR&AR are used in several industries. They are not only “classic” areas such as the automotive or aerospace industry but also new industries for which cost-reducing and quality-enhancing properties of virtual and augmented reality have been recognized, for instance, training, architecture and culture. Here are the differences between Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR):

Virtual Reality (VR)

  • The user no longer perceives the real environment
  • The user can experience the digital world only with aids, such as VR-glasses
  • The better and more powerful the computer is, the more real is the virtual reality process
  • The virtual world can be seen, heard and felt
  • VR is used for industrial applications, training, 3D games, real estate marketing etc.
  • There are 360-degree pictures, 360-degree videos and completely created 3D worlds

Augmented Reality (AR)

  • Thus “augmented reality” is the computer-aided extension of reality perception
  • To experience a tablet, smartphone, head-up display or augmented reality glasses such as the Microsoft Hololens is needed
  • There are AR games, interior design planners, navigation apps, user manuals and much more
  • The first AR Display DEEP FRAME has already been introduced which enables Augmented Reality without tools

BLOCK CHAIN DEVELOPMENT Blockchain has the potential to fundamentally change the banking sector by transforming business models, re-connecting structures and generating efficiencies. A blockchain is a decentralized database holding up a growing list of transactions. The database is extended chronologically linearly, similar to a chain, which is constantly adding new elements at the bottom. Blockchain’s main potential is to streamline trading processes, improve regulatory control, minimize intermediaries, replace traditionally trusted third-party requirements, and streamline banks’ IT.