Happy birthday, Nick!

The 21st century has seen many things that have never happened before in human history. We’ve flown into space, we have computers, our cars are turning into gadgets on wheels. Although Elon Musk is worried about artificial intelligence, cars already know how to see road signs and markings, warn of danger, and even drive yourself! IT is becoming a major part of progress.

Nick Tursumbayev, a new member, has recently joined our company. It works on the cutting edge of technology – autonomous driving. And today is his birthday! Congratulations, Nick!

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CADA nimmt neuen Associated Partner an Bord

Die Chemnitz Automated Driving Alliance nimmt zum ersten Mal in ihrer Geschichte einen Associated Partner an Board. Als solcher hat dieser die Aufgabe als Multiplikator für den Verein zu wirken und die Idee von CADA in Chemnitz und darüber hinaus verbreiten.

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