Deep Hole Drilling Milling Machines

Our demo app is now online and is available to all partners and potential customers to download free of charge.

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Overcoming boundaries

staff-eye paves the way for new markets, offering linked consulting and IT services Managing Director Alexander Kovalenko is sometimes known to take a very literal

Closing the Industrial Skills Gap with Augmented-Reality

The challenge to keep and retain skilled workers is hardly new, but the skills gap has been accelerating in recent years. By 2025, analysts anticipate over 2,000,000 skilled manufacturing jobs will go unfilled. Compare that to 600,000 unfilled jobs in 2011.

AR for the energy and utilities sectors: undeniable advantages

XR in the utilities sector has undeniable advantages: lower service costs, improved maintenance process, more effective remote maintenance, greater security for employees. AR will generate $ 18 billion in global energy and utility sales. What is this money used for?

Cooperation agreement

Today we signed a cooperation agreement with LG International in the field of innovative plastics, IoT development and special machine construction.

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