Overcoming boundaries

staff-eye paves the way for new markets, offering linked consulting and IT services

Managing Director Alexander Kovalenko is sometimes known to take a very literal approach to overcoming boundaries: “A customer needed a production part that could only be obtained in Korea. Everyone told me it takes recommendations and a lot of time to do business over there. I got on a plane and worked doggedly there to make the right connections.” With lasting success. That bilateral business contact led to a hugely beneficial cooperation agreement. staff-eye is now the exclusive technology distributor for LG International in Germany. “Among the Korean business community, there is great interest in collaborating with German companies, as well as a general desire to engage in technology exchange with Europe. The coronavirus pandemic has only served to ramp up interest in this issue,” reported Alexander Kovalenko. A bilingual portal is currently being developed to enable the two sides to submit technology tenders.

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