The IS-MP.2 handheld reader for easy and efficient reading of RFID/NFC TAGs. The TAG information can be read directly on the OLED display, transmitted via Bluetooth® or the memory can be read out via USB.

Certificates II 3G Ex ic IIC T4 Gc IP54 II 3D Ex ic IIIB T135°C Dc IP54 Ex ic IIC T4 Gc IP54 Ex ic IIIB T135°C Dc IP54 Class I Div. 2 Groups A, B, C, D, T4 Class II Div. 2 Groups F, G, 135°C Class III Div. 2

Dimensions Weight: 125 g, Dimensions: 190 x 30 x 35 mm

Battery for 2000 Bluetooth® reading

Memory for 1000 readings

Wireless communication Bluetooth®

Reading range 1 … 3 cm

Display OLED-Display

RFID/NFC Tag-Reader LF 125 kHz, LF 134,2 kHz, FDX-B + HDX, HF und NFC 13,56 MHz, UHF 868 MHz, Individual configuration possible

APP for Remote Control available

Real-time clock

Read confirmation with vibration alert

Degree of protection IP54

Other products

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