The modern technology for the novel disposal of hazardous waste. Hospitals, medical centres, laboratories, veterinary facilities and military services, as well as airports, hotels, cruise ships – there are many facilities where hazardous waste needs to be disposed of safely. An autoclave sterilisation system with integrated shredder is the best way to transfer hazardous and medical waste to a normal disposal process through shredding and sterilisation. This sustainably protects the environment, saves costs and makes MACS the perfect alternative and supplement for all areas of application within the framework of future-oriented waste management.
Together with our customer, EET Ermafa Environmental Technologies GmbH, we have created a completely new experience to show the complete product portfolio in AR (augmented reality). From the visuals to the technological features, our new app allows us to show you how modern medical sterilisation works. The MACS sterilisation process completely kills all types of medical waste, as well as all viruses, prions, plasmids and other DNA fragments . Simply download our app from the Apple or Android store.

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