Digitalisierung von der gesamten Produktpalletteā€‹

In our age, you have to be very flexible in doing business in order to be competitive. For this reason, our IT department with ERMAFA Sondermaschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH has implemented the digitization of the entire product range. To e.g. Presenting a new series like AX1-Neo no longer requires any hardware that has to be taken everywhere. With augmented reality, the sales, service and training process can be made more flexible and efficient. Employees can be instructed, trained and tested on the new machine regardless of their location. This saves travel and start-up costs enormously. An app (IOS) for the sales and training process and an application on Microsoft HoloLens for the service and training process were developed. You can download a short demo of our project from the Apple Store at the following link.

Deep Hole Drilling Milling Machines

Sales, training and start-up Try a free demo version of Ermafa AX1 TL Neo deep hole drilling machine

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