Developed Prototype Software Detection of relevant obstacles and react in emergency case for Small Commercial Vehicles

In the past, Staff-eye GmbH served as a project partner and provided the following content for the development of a prototype software designed for small commercial vehicles:

  1. Collision Warning: The implemented function provided a structured data format to the Human-Machine Interface (HMI). It displayed warning levels and relevant information, including object data, to alert the driver of potential collisions.
  2. Collision Avoidance: The system successfully calculated the necessary brake or deceleration actions required to avoid or minimize potential collisions. Additionally, a hysteresis mechanism was incorporated to reduce false reactions in critical situations.
  3. Lane Keeping: As active steering was not feasible, a data structure was created to generate an exemplary visualization. This visualization effectively communicated to the driver the appropriate steering actions necessary to maintain proper lane positioning.

Throughout the project, the primary focus was on enhancing the safety and maneuverability of small commercial vehicles to ensure a smooth driving experience.

Staff-eye GmbH, 2020