The Future of Factories: Captivating Discussion on the Role of Humans and Automation at ITAS

We had the pleasure of participating in a captivating discussion on the future of factories and the changing role of humans at ITAS – Initiative Transformation Automobilregion Südwestsachsen. Our participants, including Lars Thielemann from Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH, Dr. Hartmut Freitag from XENON Automation, Prof. Dr. Matthias Thürer from the Technical University of Chemnitz, Felix Ullmann from Hörmann Rawema Engineering & Consulting GmbH, Michael Sachse from Timation GmbH, and Alexander Kovalenko from staff-eye GmbH, exchanged their views on fascinating guiding questions:

  • How will future factories look as the industry increasingly embraces automation? Is there a risk of a “humanless factory”?
  • Industry 5.0 is a new term that doesn’t immediately create a clear picture for everyone. Can we perhaps come up with a definition?
  • Is complete automation of a factory always beneficial?
  • What does the future of humans look like in this new collaborative field of interest?

These questions sparked a lively debate and encouraged us to bring forth profound perspectives. The diversity of our backgrounds and expertise allowed us to present various viewpoints.

We agree that automation is a transformative force in the industry. At the same time, we emphasize the importance of a balanced symbiosis between humans and machines. Future factories should aim to leverage the strengths of both sides. Humans will be supported in tackling creative and complex tasks, while automation takes over repetitive and hazardous work.

This discussion has inspired us to continue seeking innovative solutions to actively shape the industry’s transformation and create the best possible future for humans and machines.

We look forward to hearing more from all of you! Please share your thoughts and ideas on this topic in the comments.

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