CADA takes new Associated Partner on board

The network of technology companies is growing

10.06.2021 // Chemnitz. For the first time in its history, the Chemnitz Automated Driving Alliance takes an Associated Partner on board. As such, this partner has the task to act as a multiplier for the association and to spread the idea of CADA in Chemnitz and beyond.

CADA is a unique network in Germany in the field of automated driving. The technological focus of the 5 core partners, all based in Chemnitz, is on special solution modules which, when combined, provide an end-to-end software chain for automated driving. Through the exchange in the network, the companies strengthen each other’s potential. In total, the network already provides more than 400 technology jobs for Chemnitz.

A technology company that is not active in the core area of the main members can act as an associated partner in the CADA network. However, a partner like staff-eye acts in technological peripheral areas, for example with regard to sales cooperation or also to expand the network beyond the regional focus. In addition to consulting and nearshoring solutions, staff-eye offers IT solutions with the help of artificial intelligence and VR/AR technology, which is primarily used in automotive development. Thus, the company ideally complements the existing CADA portfolio.

“As synergies are created through collaboration, we decided to complement our partner network with staff-eye. Only when we work in partnership on technological solutions do we leverage the optimal potential, both in the automotive and IT worlds,” says Karsten Schulze, CADA board member and managing director of FDTech GmbH.

“We see ourselves as a multiplier for CADA on the international terrain. Only through a consolidated international exchange and continuous, close cooperation will it be possible to achieve the milestones set much faster and more productively. Automated driving will fundamentally change the way vehicles are used in the future. It is important that we as a society grow into the new mobility. For me, however, one thing is certain: automated driving increases the opportunity to rethink the concept of “car”,” says Alexander Kovalenko, Managing Director of staff-eye GmbH.

The Chemnitz Automated Driving Alliance is an association of innovative technology companies from the regional automotive industry. The members of CADA develop automated driving in Chemnitz. The Chemnitz Automated Driving Alliance was founded in July 2019 by representatives of the companies Baselabs and FDTech. In the meantime, the companies Naventik, FusionSystems and Intenta have joined the network.

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