Ukraine interview on SME business development in new markets

The Cleantech Initiative East Germany (CIO) and the Automotive Suppliers Network Saxony (AMZ) are two projects of RKW Saxony dedicated to the business development of SMEs in new markets. It is exciting to take a look outside the known and developed markets and to focus on industries that deal with future issues of society and are developing particularly dynamically. These include markets in the clean-tech sector as well as in the area of new mobility and the associated interfaces, where information and communication technology, nanotechnology and sensor technology meet mobility.

In this process, we came across opportunities for partnerships and business development in Ukraine, a region that is initially of less interest to many: on the one hand, reports about unstable political and economic conditions and challenges in establishing business relationships with local companies predominate. On the other hand, it is well known that Ukraine in particular has excellently educated and motivated people ready to face challenges in international business. Can these potentials be used by SMEs? Alexander Helbych (AMZ) and Dr Katharina Schöps (CIO) talked about this with the Managing Director of Mailingwork GmbH from Chemnitz, Jörg Arnold.


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